Getting a Removal Quote

Things to think about when getting a Removal Quote

When you think about getting a Removal Quote, remember it’s your personal possessions with a lifetime of irreplaceable memories you really need to consider the best and safest way to transport them.

“Hiring a mover without checking them out is like leaving your house unlocked when you’re on holiday.”

Don’t rely on cowboy removers, spend a few hours and look at the removals market and compare at least 4 quotes. See if you can read reviews online.

Important Questions to ask a when getting a Removal Quote.

It is important that you ask as many questions as you can before your move. This will help you gain the information you need to help your move go smoothly. The below questions give a good idea of what to ask a removal company to avoid any misunderstandings.


  • How long will the removal take, are weekdays better than weekends?
  • Is there a limit on the amount of stuff they can take? If you have any unusual or tricky items, Pet Python, Piano ask if there is an additional charge for these.
  • Do they Offer a Packing Service and what is the cost?
  • Are there any extra costs, and what are they (waiting time, insurance etc.)? Good removals companies come out to view your possessions being moved? Ask for a full written quotation
  • Ask if they provide a written moving date guarantee.
  • Do you have to arrange parking, is there good access for removal vehicles at both properties?
  • Are their members of staff trained and professional The British Association of Removers (BAR)? Do they use agency staff?
  • What payment method should I use? Most reputable removal companies will take credit cards or cheques.
  • Do they have storage facilities available, and what are the costs? Some companies offer discount on the storage if you use their removals service.
  • Do they use a checklist to keep a record of everything?
  • What level of insurance do they offer, is there a time limit on claiming (it may take several months before you have opened all your boxes)?
  • Do they assign a Move Manager, point of contact for any of your queries?
  • Do they have a good local reputation?


It is important that you have a removals company that will work with you.  

Roy Trevor can pack your belongings, making life easier, no heavy lifting or time-consuming packing.

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