Employee Profile – Jade Beeston

Name?   Jade Beeston


How long have you worked at Roy Trevor?   Since June 2015


What is your Job Title?   Global Move Specialist


One word to describe Roy Trevor Removals?   Hard-working (Me Especially!)


What is your favourite country? Spain (Did you know we do removals weekly to Spain???)


What is your favourite biscuit?   Gold Bar Biscuits (Can’t Beat McVitie’s!)


What is the football team you support?   Manchester United (The only one!!)


Best shop in Warrington?   New Look


Where do you like to eat out?   Grill on the Square in Warrington (Spaghetti Carbonara, Mmm)


 Favourite Drink? Southern Comfort, Lime and Lemonade or Diet Coke (Only when I’m out obviously)