Forget spring cleaning, it’s time for an autumn clean

It has been a long time since Spring and it is amazing how much ‘stuff’ we can accumulate.  Our homes can become a cave for items that we simply don’t use.  From boxes and magazines to old furniture and cooking utensils.

Hoarding items that we no longer need only helps to increase the dust, starve us of space and make moving home much harder.  If you are planning on moving house then an autumn clean can really help you to get organised.  It will also help you to reduce the amount of items you take with you, thus cutting your home removal costs down.

Where to start? 

If you really want to get started it can seem like an overwhelming task.  But don’t panic.  Simply take one area at a time and go for it.

Be ruthless 

By being strict with yourself you will soon find that once you start, there really is no stopping you.  Think of the money you will save on removal costs and all the extra space you will have in your new home.  If you haven’t used it in the past year then the chances are you won’t use it at all.

Paper work 

The dreaded paperwork.  You may have been really organised and filed it all away but chances are much of it you no longer need.  Take some time to go through your paperwork and shred anything you no longer need.  You will be surprised at how much space you make.


If you think that others could benefit from the items you no longer want then recycle them.  You can take them to your local tip where they can be recycled or re-sold.  You can also post your items on freecycle for others to come and collect if they want them.  It is important to do what we can to avoid uncessarily using our landfill.

After all this it is time to get a quote from a removal company.  Once you have gotten rid of everything you no longer want you will want to get a quote for your house removal.  Contact us today for a free quote.