Helpful Tips to Take the Stress Out of Moving Home

Spring is in the air, and it’s the beginning of house-moving season. Here are some helpful tips to make moving your home as smooth as it can be.

So you’re moving house? You’ll need to remember to forward your mail, cancel the milk and let your employer know your new address. House insurance would need to be arranged in advance for your new place too!

Usually something always gets overlooked. Starting a checklist is always a good idea to help you remember all the little things that will make your move day a lot easier.

Order your broadband, telephone connection in advance.

If your landline isn’t going to be ready, you should check that you can get a mobile signal in your new home.  Little things like ordering a take-away for the dinner, or ringing friends to let them know the move went smoothly can be frustrating if you have no means of contact.

A box tip.

Big boxes for pillows, cushions and light items. Small boxes for books and heavy items. Don’t forget when packing the boxes on the floor, someone has to pick that box up!

Pack your mobile chargers where you can find them.

You may need to use your phone quite a lot on the day.

Take pictures, with your phone of your meter readings.

These will help when contacting your supplier.

Arrange food provisions for your first night/morning.

Make sure you pack your kettle, tea/coffee last, you will be glad of a cuppa when you arrive at your new home. Maybe book to eat dinner in the local pub or order a take-away.

Have one final check for the house to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Start at the very top of the house, you wouldn’t want to leave any precious family heirlooms that had been hiding at the back of the loft… Then work your way down through the bedrooms and bathroom to the lounge and kitchen, don’t forget if you have a cellar you check down there too. Take care to re-check every cupboard, wardrobe and drawer. Finnally finishing with the garden and/or any outbuildings.

Kids and pets.

Ask a close friend or relative if they could look after your children/pets for the day, take some of their favourite toys and books with them. There won’t be much for them to do, and you wouldn’t want them getting Bored!! You could treat your pet to a weekend break in the local cattery/kennels.

Remember to give your old place a quick brush up.

Leave as you would like to find is always a good tip. Don’t forget any spare keys, booklets on the boiler, oven or any other appliances you might be leaving.