How Roy Trevor can help move your business

Here at Roy Trevor we have experience in all kinds of removals.  From helping you and your children move abroad to Spain to start a new life, to moving your business to a new location.  Every move we work on is different, every client has different needs.

So how can we help you move your business?

Well, if you are relocating or need bigger or smaller premises, we are on hand to help.  Being based in Warrington we are in the ideal position to help businesses that are based in the North West.

Once we are on board you will immediately feel a lot calmer about your forthcoming business move.  And, we have all areas covered.


If you find that you can’t move straight into your office or you are still negotiating the full square footage, we can help store your business items.  From spare desks and equipment to that brand new coffee machine you are yet to find room for.


Whenever you move there is always the risk that something could break.  Here at Roy Trevor we are part of the British Association of Removers and offer the standard minimum liability.  But as a business that really takes care of its clients we offer the option to extend the cover so you are protected against a greater value.


Quality guaranteed

At the end of our removal service we ask you to fill in one of our satisfaction questionnaires.  This is so we can constantly improve our service .  You see, our clients come first and when we help you relocate your business we work hard to do the best job possible.  Something we aim to continue.

If you want to get a quote to find out how we can help to relocate your business why not use our online quote form? Don’t let planning your business move become a headache.  Simply contact us today.