Leave the packing to the professionals.

Moving home or office can be a stressful experience but with our professional Removal and Packing Services it doesn’t have to be!  Moving is a personal experience so that’s why our Removal and Packing Services are customised to suit your particular requirements.  We are more than happy to develop a Project Plan just for you so every detail of your move is considered allowing you to relax and enjoy your move and the first day in your new home or office. So whether you would like our full Packing Service where we pack everything except the kitchen sink, or you just require a few bits and bobs to be packed by our friendly professional team, we can help.

A top tip for before you move is to make sure you have a good old clear out of your personal effects to ensure that you’re not moving things that you no longer need or want.  However, if you do need to keep that hideous vase that your Great Aunt Sally gave to you for your birthday seven years ago just in case she visits, or a box full of drawings by your child for when he or she becomes the next Leonardo Da Vinci we can store them for you so you don’t have to clutter up your new home with belongings you don’t need in your everyday life.  Whether it is for one small box of family photos or your entire collection of furniture that you require storage for we offer competitively priced Secure Storage Facilities that are CCTV monitored 24/7 and are installed with intruder alarms.  Giving you peace of mind that Great Aunt Sally’s vase is in safe hands.

If you have got the packing under control we can provide you with Packing Materials, so you can be completely confident that all of your valuables are secure and safe in quality packing materials.  We supply a variety of sized boxes as well as tissue paper, bubble wrap, sofa and mattress bags and blankets to protect your furniture during your move.

So whether you want to leave the packing to the professionals or you need packing materials, be sure to contact us by calling us on 01925 630441 or emailing us at info@roy-trevor.staging.tempurl.host