Moving abroad? Time to de-clutter your home

Moving abroad? Time to de-clutter your home

Before you embark on your European removal it is time to be ruthless.  When you call up your international removals company you could save yourself a lot of money if you clear out your home before hand.  That way you will have far less to take with you.

The best way to do this is to get started early.  Here at Roy Trevor we have some great tips to help you de-clutter your home.

Taking a room at a time ask yourself these questions:

–  Do you really need it?

–  Ask yourself why you are keeping it?

– Can I live without it?


You can take your clothes to a charity shop, put them on ebay or give them to a friend.  Be ruthless and focus on what you no longer need.


We tend to hoard a lot of paperwork.  Much of it we no longer need.  Grab a paper shredder and start shredding.  File everything that you need to keep and shred everything you don’t.

Car boot

If you find that you have a lot of items that you could sell then why not head to a car boot sale.  Check your local newspaper and see when the next one near you is.


If you are not already signed up to your local Freecycle network then now is the time to.  This is a great way to give your unwanted items to those that want and need them.  What is great about this is that people will come and collect them from you.

You will quickly find that your European removal is getting smaller by the minute.  This means that you could cut your removals costs simply by getting rid of the items you no longer need.

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