Moving mistakes and how to avoid them

Moving house can come with its fair share of problems.  If you haven’t moved house before then you may find yourself with one or two challenges.



Here are a few moving house mistakes and how to avoid them:

1. Last minute packing

It can be easy to get pre-occupied with your new home, solicitor appointments and sorting everything out.  Make sure you plan your packing in advance.  Order your packing materials, sort our what you are taking and what you will need to get rid of.  And don’t forget to hire in the professionals, your removal company.

2. Packing important information

When packing your study, office or kitchen drawers it can be easy to throw all-important documentation in together.  Make sure you don’t pack all of your important documentation that you will need on your moving day.

3. Label boxes

In the rush of packing it can be easy to forget to label boxes.  Take your time to ensure that you label each box clearly.  Remember to keep a log of how many boxes you have so you don’t leave any behind.  Make sure that you write on your boxes if your items are fragile.

4. Hire in professionals

It can be tempting to do all of your house move yourself.  This can actually cost you more time and money.  You will need to hire vans, drive them yourself and do all your packing on your own.  By hiring a professional removals service you will have all of that stress taken away.

5. Insurance

Don’t forget to take out insurance.  It can be easy to forget this.  Here at Roy Trevor we offer professional protection cover for our removals.  We also offer this is you are moving abroad.  Make sure you have the right level of cover for your valuable items

Overall, planning is key.  Take your time and speak to us to find out more about how to have a successful house move.