New Year, New Start, New Country?

If the thought of moving home to;



New Zealand,

The United Arab Emirates,






or in fact anywhere in the world

floats your boat then why don’t you embrace 2013 and move to your dream country?!

There are plenty of reasons that you might be thinking about relocating.  Maybe it’s because of International job opportunities, family members who live in another country, a yearning for adventure, a more relaxed lifestyle, warmer climates, studying or possibly a lower cost of living.  Whatever your circumstances are, we can help by developing a custom made plan for your International Relocation/emigration.

If you are considering that  BIG move we are here to  help, from the moment you decide to jet of into the unknown, to unpacking your kettle for that well-deserved cuppa in your new home (where ever in the world that might be).

Moving house locally can be a complex process let alone moving overseas!  So why not leave the planning of your household removal to us.  Roy Trevor have been moving families overseas since 1918, so you can rest assured that your move is in good hands. This will allow you to  get on with all those other important things  like closing and opening bank accounts as well as other tasks on you ‘To Do’ list.  With our experience of moving homes and businesses internationally we will be able to provide guidance and advice throughout your move, so you can look forward to your ‘Bon Voyage’ party and most importantly your fresh start in a beautiful country.

We understand time scales can be difficult when moving abroad, and your belongings are vital to you settling into your home. That’s why prior to your international move, we will discuss your household removal requirements and provide options that suit your schedule and budget.  Whether you decide to have your immediate effects airfreighted and other items shipped by the team at Roy Trevor Ltd you will be fully aware of the processes that are happening,  giving you the confidence that your belongings will be professionally placed and unpacked  in your new home by one of our 800 global agents.  If you are only planning on moving overseas  for a particular period of time don’t worry as we provide secure insured storage facilities, for any of your belongings that you might want to leave behind or that you might want forwarding at a later date.  We can also take care of arranging export of your beloved vehicle(s) to your chosen country.

So what are you waiting for?  Why not move to a new exciting country and really make 2013 a year to remember?!