Roy Trevor Removals Professional Packing Services

Roy Trevor Removals provide local and international removal services as well as secure storage facilities for all requirements.  Moving House will always be a stressful experience however Roy Trevor Removals Warrington can help you to reduce these stress level with our Professional Packing Services!  Roy Trevor Removals can provide you with an all encompassing removal service, so on your moving day all you have to worry about is popping the kettle on an cracking open a packet of hobnobs.

Here are the top three reasons why you should choose Roy Trevor Removals to complete your packing for your move….

1.    Time Saving – You’re moving house so you already have a billion and one things to do….so why not off load the job of packing all of your belongings in a safe way ready for transit to your new home to the Roy Trevor Removal team.  This will give you tonnes more time allowing you to concentrate on the important things like communicating with your solicitor, redirecting your post and contacting your utilities providers to let them know that you’re moving home.

2.    Don’t put your treasured belongings at risk – Every employee at Roy Trevor Removals has been industry trained and we pride ourselves for being BAR trained. We can transfer any item in a safe and secure manner this even includes grand pianos, if you do not have a grand piano though we also know how to securely wrap and pack delicate items such as mirrors, china, TV’s and vases.  We are professional packers and movers so you can trust that your items will be in the exact same condition as they were in your old home when they reach your new home.

3.    We use quality packing materials – we use boxes of all sizes and even have wardrobe boxes to ensure that your clothes are able to be popped straight into your wardrobe when you arrive at your new home.  We have sofa and mattress covers to protect these whilst being moved too.  We ensure we use and recyle only the best quality packing materials so your items are the safest they can be whilst being transported.

Alternatively if you do not need our packing services – we sell packing materials so you can use what the professionals use to take measures to protect your belongings. To call for a quote for a removal service or for packing materials call us today on 01925 630 441.