Roy Trevor supporting the local community!

Last week some of the Roy Trevor Team went down to the DIY SOS Big Reveal at a house in Padgate, Warrington.

Roy Trevor Removals have assisted with emptying the house of all the familys old belongings and furniture. We are also providing the family with free storage at our facilities, prior to them going through their items to decide what they’re giving to charity and what’s returning to their newly refurbished and improved home.  The family truly deserved the DIY SOS teams hard work and TLC put into their home.  The newly designed and adapted home will provide the family with a place that is somewhere they can all enjoy family life together.  The TV show featuring the family and home in Padgate will be aired in 8 to 10 months from now so the family in Padgate will be settled into their wonderful new home.

We don’t want to spoil the surprise of the show so that’s all we can say for now but keep you eyes peeled and make sure you keep checking the blog for more updates.

Here are some pics of the DIY SOS Big Reveal in Warrington.