Roy Trevor ticks everybox!

When choosing a restaurant for an evening out, how do you make the decision of where to go?  Is your decision based on if the meals are cheap and cheerful, or because the service is prompt and polite or because it’s a well-established restaurant that opened 50 years ago?  When I go out for dinner my decision generally depends on if the place has a friendly atmosphere (also how far away payday is).  But when moving house the decision for choosing a removal company has to be taken more seriously.  If you don’t like your value lasagne in your bargain restaurant you can complain or eat when you get home but with a removal service you might be putting your belongings at risk.  The decision on choosing the right removal company is essential as you’re entrusting them to pack and move all of your worldly goods!

So what do you look for in a removal company?  Well recently Right Move The UK’s number one property site completed a survey of 376 active movers, to discover what people moving house really look for in a removal company.  ‘So what was the most important factor when choosing a removal company?’ I hear you chant!  A staggering 74.7% answered that the most important factor in a removal company was the ‘professionalism of staff.’  This truly reflects the importance of making a good first impression.  Here at Roy Trevor Removals we ensure that our first and last impression is a good one! From the initial stage of your enquiry, to appraisal, to being provided with a full quotation we ensure our customers are provided with a quality service that they are happy with. In fact just last week Mr’s P moved home with Roy Trevor’s assistance, and then we received this lovely email. ‘Just to say how pleased and grateful we were for the house removal last week.  Your team were very professional and helpful throughout. Please thank them all for us.’  One more happy Roy Trevor customer.

Other top factors for choosing a removal company included; insurance for possessions, good reviews from previous customers and speedy responses to enquiries.  Roy Trevor provide all of these, so if you’re looking for a removal company that has everything you want call us today 01925 630411.