Simple storage solutions

Simple storage solutions

When moving house you can often find yourself in situations that mean you can’t take everything with you.  This is sometimes the case when you have an international move.  With businesses requiring people to move abroad to take on new contracts you may have to leave at short notice and not be able to take everything with you.

That is where storage comes in.  Here at Roy Trevor we have storage solutions to help you.  In fact, our storage solutions are so varied that we can help with private storage, small business or corporate storage and even storage for the government sector.

Storage planning

Working out how much storage you need all depends on what you are not taking with you.  Here are a few questions to think about:

–  What am I leaving behind?

–  How long will I require storage for?

–  Do I need access to my stored items?

Careful packing

When packing your items ready for storage it is important to pack carefully.  Don’t pack anything that could leak and make sure you use an adequate amount of packing materials.  It is also wise to clearly label everything, as you don’t know when you may require your items back.

Here at Roy Trevor we can offer just storage services or help you pack your items ready for storage.  Our storage is designed to give you peace of mind.  Which is why we have:

–  An online webtrack system to view and control your account status

–  CCTV at all our storage sites

–  24/7 monitoring

If you want to find out more about our storage solutions and if they are right for you why not call us today? Simply call 01925 630441.  Don’t forget, you can find us on Facebook and Twitter as well, so you can always ask us a question directly through our social media.