Spring clean your home before moving.

Spring Clean before you moving.

The frost has all gone, daffodils are starting to emerge and the housing market is starting to warm up. It’s Officially Spring!!

Whether you’re considering moving or staying put, spring is a great time to have a much needed sort out. Not only will you feel great when you’ve finished you might make some money if you Ebay or Car Boot your unwanted items. Then any items you don’t use but still want to keep, family air looms, your kids precious school drawings/creations, Big or Small Roy Trevor can store them All.

You could be starting up a new business, and have excess stock that you need to store, but you still need to access. Roy Trevor can even offer you Self Storage so you can come and go as you please.

Or Why Not put all your possessions into storage while you give your home a Good Old Spring Clean, this will give you time to sort out your possessions and only return the items that you need.

By planning a spring clean and sorting your stuff out before you put your house on the market, you will save you time and money!

Why pay to move stuff that you’re not going to keep anyway?

Roy-Trevor offer affordable storage from just £7 per week!

Whatever your storage requirements are do not hesitate to call Roy Trevor Removals today 01925 630441 or email info@roy-trevor.staging.tempurl.host