Summer Solstice and Removals

Summer Solstice, the ‘longest’ day of the year marks the middle of summer, and boy does it come around fast.

The Removals Business is a seasonal business and summer is the busiest time, so planning your removal as early as possible will help everyone.

If you’re considering moving this summer, Roy Trevor Removals are here to help you, here are some Top Tips.

Pack a Summer Day Box

It is important to keep hydrated, with all the lifting and carrying moving is hard physical work so cold drinks and light snacks are a good idea to keep you hydrated and motivated. Don’t forget sun cream and some spare clothing.

Keep the kids entertained

Moving for kids is generally boring, so keeping them entertained is something to think about before moving day. If your new house has a garden, then consider packing a paddling pool or outside summer tent where they could have a picnic.

Pack a Summer Night Box

After a hot and probably sweaty day moving, all you will want to do is shower and jump into a nice clean bed. So, having a clean set of bedding for everyone, towels and a washbag handy is a must. Also consider checking out the local takeaway menus in advance, this might make your evening meal an easier option than locating pans, plates etc.


Roy Trevor Removals are flexible so whatever your requirements this Summer, whether you need a Removal Service, part load European Move, or Storage. We are here to help.

We have been moving families and businesses locally and internationally for over 90 years, and you can be safe in the knowledge that we are members of the British Association of Removals and trained to the high standards

We would be more than happy to discuss any removal or storage questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us via telephone or 01925 630 441 or email