Vehicle Storage

Vehicle Storage

Why would you want storage for your vehicle you ask?
Well there are lots of reasons why you might want vehicle storage.
Mm let’s see; you have sold your home and your new house isn’t ready to move into, so you need to rent and there is limited or no parking!


  • You have a vintage or special car and you don’t want to leave it at home whilst on holiday, even if your 21 year old son/daughter has promised not to go out in it!!
  • You are the said son/daughter taking a gap year and don’t want your parents running up the mileage on your vehicle
  • You may split your time between houses summer in the UK and winter abroad.
  • You could be lucky enough to own several vehicles and need more storage area for them, the list is endless!!


Whatever your need Roy Trevor has the solution for your vehicle storage.  Roy Trevor can store vehicles short term, if you’re renovating and don’t want your car getting damaged, or long term, you could be moving abroad but don’t want to sell your vehicle.

Here at Roy Trevor we offer 2 types of vehicle storage the first would be loading your vehicle into 20ft steel container then storing it inside in one of our secure temperature controlled warehouses, (Not outside exposed to bad weather conditions).

The second is storing your vehicle in our dry open warehouse, with this storage there is the option of placing your vehicle on trickle charge (for older vehicles). Roy Trevor also provide the additional service of taking your vehicle for MOT’s and Service’s whilst it’s in our storage. (Additional Charge)

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