Moving Home… literally!!!!

Are you considering buying a new home and renovating it?  This trend has been popular for many years now.  The idea of finding a house with a lot of potential and developing it into your perfect property, tailor made to what you want…sounds idyllic! But be wary if a property seems too good to be true it probably is!

With programmes like ‘Homes under the Hammer’ you see many property developers buying houses for a low cost with the plan to turn the property around, to be much more valuable and make a profit or to make it a family home.  From seeing this programme a few times (mainly on a rainy holiday to Tunbridge Wells a few years ago), I can tell you the redevelopment often goes way over budget and way over the new owners planned schedule.

Personally I would never be brave enough to purchase a new pair of socks without seeing them first let alone a house!!!  However one lady a few years ago was not so cautious and jumped at the chance to buy her dream 6 bedroom home for a bargain of £154,000.  Unfortunately I don’t think she had ever seen the nightmares of buying a property at an auction as shown on ‘Homes Under the Hammer.’  Now she is definitely aware of the dangers, as half of her dream property is now lying in the coast after dropping of a cliff.  Upon seeing the house for the first time the lady declined to pay for the property, however was forced to pay after a judge stated  ‘The auction particulars warned buyers that the six-bedroom house was severely structurally damaged and might be beyond economic repair.’

When you buy a new property be certain to make sure that prior to calling Roy Trevor Removals (Warington) for your removal you get a full survey done on your new home.  Then when we deliver your belongings to your wonderful new home we don’t have to worry about any of our removal guys falling off the Devonshire Coastline when unpacking your microwave.

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