4 Top Tips for Moving from Roy Trevor Warrington

Here at Roy Trevor Removals we are always here to help, that’s why we have prepared these 4 Top Tips for you!


If you’re not satisfied with the listings of your property or the photographs… tell your Estate Agent!  If you find your propertys description unappealing and uninteresting then so will perspective buyers.  Ensure that when the Estate Agent visits to take the photos of your house that you have done all you can do to make it as appealing as possible- make the beds, put out fresh towels, clean the carpets… these photos will be the first impression you give of your house therefore they must be the best they can be.


Clutter in your home will make your property look smaller and this could turn off potential buyers, they might not be able to see the woods for the trees or if you will they might not be able to see the property through the trinkets!  People house hunting will study every nook and cranny of your property therefore it is important to successfully declutter and not just move all your bits and bobs from your main living areas (Kitchen & Living Room) to your Garage or box room.  Roy Trevor Removals provide secure storage facilities that are flexible to suit your exact requirements so give us a call today to get your decluttering on a roll!


Not only to your Estate Agent and potential buyers but to yourself too!  Your property might be priceless to you and your family due to countless experiences and memories, but REMEMBER your property is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.  However, with this in mind it is always important to leave a little wiggle room for negotiations.  If your honest with those who are interested in buying your property they will be less likely to lower their offer of back out last minute if a feature of the property is not as they were initially led to believe.


Keep your property in the tidiest/cleanest possible condition whilst it is on the market just in case of a last minute viewing.  I recall as a teenager my parents moving house, my mother was out and my father was left to prepare the house for a last minute viewing.  He ran around trying to sort out our house and make it presentable to the imminent viewers… it was only a week later when we went to get something out of the freezer to find a stripey sock that has been thrown in during the frenzy of my father “tidying”.  You might not know the exact location of where you’re moving to but you are more then likely to have an area in mind and know the belongings you’ll be taking with you.  So why not get a removal quotation so when you find a buyer and your ideal new home there is no waiting about and you can arrange your move ASAP!

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