Are You Moving? 7 Tips For A Successful House Move In The UK

Getting ready for a big move? Relocating to a new house or flat is exciting, with so many fun things to look forward to in your new home. But, packing up your entire life and moving to a new area is challenging and takes a lot of time, effort, and organisation.

Thankfully, being prepared for your move well in advance can make a big difference. 

In this blog, we’ve shared seven helpful tips for making your move a smooth, straightforward, and successful experience.

These tips can help you start your new chapter on the right foot, whether you choose to undergo your move alone or with the help of a removals firm. Let’s dive in!

1.Declutter first 


The first step to a stress-free move is to clear away any items in your home that are no longer needed. Decluttering means you have fewer items to pack, saving you valuable time.

Work through your home room by room and donate, give away, or recycle any items that are no longer essential. This will make your move easier, and you can start your new chapter with a clean slate. 

Insider tip: If you’re unsure about what to do with an item that costs less than £20 and would take under 20 minutes to replace – go ahead and say goodbye. 

2.Don’t leave packing to the last minute 


As we know, packing can be time-consuming and overwhelming. This is why so many people avoid it for as long as possible, and it’s hard to blame them!

But the truth is, putting off packing until the last minute puts you under significant pressure. And when you try to pack in a rush, it’s hard to give your delicate or valuable possessions the extra care they need to stay undamaged in the move.

You can make packing much less daunting by breaking it into smaller, achievable chunks. Start by packing off-season items and the items you won’t miss before moving on to other sections as your move grows closer. 

3. Pack carefully


Getting your belongings safely from point A to B requires suitable packing materials and techniques. 

When you dedicate the time to packing things the right way or enlist the help of professional packing services, you can avoid damage to your items. 

Tips for careful packing include: 

  • Use high-quality boxes – picking up the most affordable packing boxes may be tempting, but this puts your fragile items at risk. Always opt for thick and sturdy boxes or containers instead. 
  • Secure the bottom of the box – extra strips of tape on the bottom of cardboard boxes will offer added security and less risk of bowing under the weight of its contents.
  • Pack the heaviest items on the bottom – heavy items should always be packed at the bottom of the box, with lighter items on top. This will help to prevent the box from becoming too heavy and tipping over.
  • Mark fragile items – each box containing fragile items should be clearly labelled, especially when using removal services. Place these boxes separately and instruct whoever handles them to do so carefully.
  • Fill any gaps – stuff any gaps between items with bubble wrap, wrapping paper, or clothes to prevent shifting during transport. 

4. Label every box


No packed box or storage container is complete without a label. If you don’t label your boxes, knowing which room they should be placed in will be difficult for you or your house movers.

Sifting through dozens of boxes for one item is an extra headache you don’t need. Many people choose to label their boxes by room, and although this is helpful, it only narrows down the search somewhat. 

Adding extra details to a box’s contents is a good idea. For example, a box labelled kitchen may add: ‘plates, bowls, cups.’

5. Update your address


Change your address at least one week before moving – this is one of the easiest things to forget and can cause unnecessary issues.

Important people to inform of your change of address include your: 

  • Employer
  • Doctor
  • Bank
  • Utility providers
  • Local council
  • TV licence 
  • Electoral roll
  • Car insurer
  • Revenue

6. Keep a box of essentials


Having a box of essential items with you on moving day will help you avoid unnecessary bother.

If you’re using a house removals service to transport your possessions, keeping this box with you is a good idea, as it’ll be instantly accessible when you arrive at your new home. 

Include items such as pyjamas, medication, change of clothes, toiletries, toilet paper, laptop/tablet, and chargers. You may also want to include kitchen essentials such as a kettle, mugs, cutlery, and plates so you can have a snack when you arrive. 

Insider tip: pack a small tool kit in your box of essentials to assemble your furniture when you arrive or your removal company drops it off.

7. Hire a house removal service


Moving home is a challenging experience with many different processes involved. And when you handle the move all by yourself, it can make it that much more hectic. It’s too easy for stress to build and weigh on your mind. 

Hiring a house removals company can transform the whole process. You can rest assured your possessions are in capable hands. This peace of mind will help make your move that much easier. 

What’s more, the entire moving process is over within no time. Removal companies handle all the heavy lifting, so you have lots of time for other important tasks!

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