European Removals

Roy Trevor specialise in European Removals. If you have decided to make that leap and move to Europe, we can offer you valuable guidance and a free quote?

It is no secret that the winters in the UK can be very cold-wet and extremely long.  Perhaps you have been considering a move abroad?  Europe can hold a great many benefits that the UK doesn’t, and sunshine is certainly one of them.

E – Eindhoven – Netherlands

U – Uppsala – Sweden

R – Rome – Italy

OOslo – Norway

P – Paris – France

EEdinburgh – Scotland

Once you’ve made the bid decision to move to Europe and you’ve found a property, it is important that you use a Professional Removals Company.  Choosing a removals company that goes to Europe regularly is essential.  We offer various European Removals Quotes, including a part-load service where you can share your European removals with another client therefore reducing your removals cost.

At Roy Trevor we have a very unique moving abroad service.

This includes:

  • Visiting you at home to survey the items you plan to take with you
  • A free written quotation
  • Guidance on planning your move abroad
  • Wrapping and packing of items
  • Providing packing materials if you prefer to pack yourself
  • Transportation of all your goods
  • Unloading and unpacking
  • Collection of all packing materials

Please don’t hesitate to Contact or Call for a Free Quote 01925 630 441

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