How to pack your items for self-storage

If you are storing your personal items in a self-contained storage unit, you will want to make sure everything is packed correctly so that nothing gets damaged during transit or whilst they are in storage.

Here’s how to do it right:

Using the right storage boxes

You’ll need the right packing material and boxes to protect your items during transit and whilst they are in storage.  We offer the full range of packing materials to purchase here.

Think about the weight

When packing items for storage, be careful not to cram too many bulky and heavy items into one box as they will be too heavy to lift.

Be careful not to overload boxes as they will get damaged when you lift them.

Pack compactly

Bubble wrap any fragile items and pack them neatly in boxes as compactly as possible so that they don’t get damaged in transit. Avoid using plastic bags because these attract mildew and can easily get ripped.

Pack items for easy access

Try to pack similar items together so that they are easily accessible when you need to find a particular item quickly whilst in storage.

Label boxes

Be sure to label boxes clearly on the top and on the side so they can easily be identified when you need to access them.

Arranging your storage unit

Put items that you won’t need access to right at the back of the storage unit. Larger items of furniture should also be stored at the back so you that you don’t need to climb over them to locate items.

Try to include small walkways/aisles within your storage unit so that you can easily access items without taking everything out to find it.

Stand bulky furniture items vertically or on their end to help maximise space within the unit.

Flatpack furniture

If you are storing furniture items, it is best to flat pack them first to make it easy for transportation and keep all screws and bolts in a separate bag clearly labelled.

Protect upholstery

Upholstery items such as curtains or mattresses should be properly protected using dust sheets.

Hang up clothes

Clothes are best stored on a hanging wardrobe box which can be purchased from our online store.

Following these storage packing tips will help maximise the space and save you money. It also means that you’ll easily be able to locate individual items should you ever need access to them whilst renting out our units.

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