Part Loads and Small Removals to Europe

Small Removals to Europe

Part Load and Small Removals to Europe lets you share a vehicle with our other customers who also need to move goods from the UK to Europe, or vice versa. Your boxes will be collected on an agreed date and transported to our UK warehouse in Warrington, from there they will be loaded onto one of our vehicles destined for Europe.

If you are looking at moving items to Europe, maybe you have pool table, or football nets for the kids, or even just some clothes that you can’t fit into a case with the flight luggage allowance. EasyJet, Ryanair and most airlines have limits on your baggage allowance!! Luckily, Roy Trevor don’t! You don’t want the cost of hiring a whole removal van to ship a couple of items.

That’s where we come into our own. Roy Trevor offer part load removals to Europe. We already have our own depots in both Spain and Portugal. Roy Trevor will move your Part Load effortlessly and deliver your goods safe and securely from door to door.

Roy Trevor specialise in Part Loads and Small Removals to Europe and the surrounding areas. We provide a Professional Removal Service at an affordable price.

Why use Roy Trevor:

  • We can provide European storage facilities.
  • We provide full insurance for all your items, big or small.
  • We have our own depots in Spain and Portugal.
  • We are a family business with over 95 years’ experience.
  • We can provide expert knowledge of areas in Spain/Portugal.

For Part Load or small removal to Europe by a Professional Reliable Removal Company, call 01925 630441 or email here to get an online quote!