Planning your house move overseas

Relocating to another country is a daunting, yet exciting project! There is a lot to think about when moving abroad, but with careful planning, you will stand a better chance of everything going smoothly and you’ll be able to enjoy the experience.

The right paperwork

You’ll need certain paperwork when moving to a different country. Some countries require them and others don’t, but in any event, it’s good to have copies of the following documents in one easily accessible file:

  • Passport
  • Driving Licence
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Divorce Papers
  • NHS number and health records
  • Covid vaccination records

Find an international removals company

If you are moving abroad, it’s important you enlist the help of a professional international removals company.  Choose a firm that has experience in international relocations and is accredited by British Association or Removals and FIDI.  Determine what services are included in the relocation, such as export packing and insurance, and if they work with other removal companies in other countries. You want to be sure the people transporting and handling your belongings is reputable.

Transfer or Residence (moving to the UK)

If you are relocating to the UK, you will need to apply for a “Transfer of Residence” which if approved will grant duty/tax free entry for your household effects into the UK. This will be applicable for all your used household effects except certain commodities such as alcohol and tobacco.

Customs paperwork

Your international moving company will tell you what documentation you will need to complete in order to move to your destination country. Some will even complete this on your behalf. It’s important to ask if there are any customs restrictions to be considered for the country you are moving to, as failure to comply with these may result in long delays, fines or even having your shipment detained indefinitely.

Full inventory

Your removals company will prepare a comprehensive inventory of every furniture item that needs to be shipped and this should be thoroughly checked by you prior to sign off.


Making sure your valuable items are fully insured for relocation is essential if you are moving to another country. They won’t be covered on your home contents insurance, so be sure to get a detailed breakdown from your removals company as to the extent of the insurance.

As part our services, we offer full insurance cover for your goods during transit to their international destination. The policy provides cover for international transit by road, sea, and air. It will also cover your goods if storage is required.

Start planning your house move abroad by getting a FREE no-obligation quote. We’ll visit you in your home to discuss your move in detail and what items you are taking, and provide you with a comprehensive quote.

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