Helpful advice for moving with pets

If moving house seems stressful for you then imagine what it will be like for your dog, cat or other household pet.  The key to successfully moving your pets is to plan them into your moving house schedule.


Make a plan and ensure that you add your pets needs to it also.


Contact your vet 

If you are moving away from your local area then you can ask your vet to recommend a new vet.


If you know that your pet may need some treatment once you move house then it is a wise idea to have this taken care of in advance.  Moving house can take time.  You will be unpacking, organising and taking care of your family, taking your pet to your new vet may be the last thing on your ‘to-do’ list.


If you are moving abroad then make sure you find out the best way to transport your pet.  Some countries may require that your pet is quarantined. You may also want to discuss the use of sedatives with your vet to help ease your pets journey.

Moving day 

On moving day you may want to ask a friend to take care of your pet if you are moving house locally.  Otherwise make sure that you pack a box of food and treats for your pet.  When you get a chance, you may want to spend some time with your pet in your new place.  This will help them feel more settled.

Update their tags 

If your pet has a tag with your house details you will want to update this as soon as possible.

Relax and enjoy 

Take time to relax and enjoy your new home with your pet.  Let them become accustomed to their new surroundings.  If you have a dog you may want to go and explore a new route for walking.  Chances are you will meet your new neighbours once you are out and about with your dog.